Custom Wardrobe(W18)

  • Product Code: Custom Wardrobe(W18)



Product Code : Custom Wardrobe(W18)

Material : 21 MM Thick NZ Pine Wood

This W18 wardrobe is composed of 2 separate ones and we joined them together with screws on delivery.

◆ Size :

- Height : 2000 mm

- Width : 1550mm: (537+1013)(Top Max)

- Depth : 580mm(Top max)


◆ Colour :  White with Light Walnut Top

◆ Other :

-Metal Runners: 450mm long 

-Door knob: Silver nickel knob

-Drawer: No handles but routed Pull Out drawers

-From the floor to the top of the drawer: 472mm high


LH: 2 x hanging rail

Middle: 1 x hanging rail(Inner height is 1490mm high)

RH: 4 x adjustable shelf